Parts Of Speech

The parts of speech are eight in number.

1. Noun
2. Pronoun
3. Adjective
4. Verb
5. Adverb
6. Preposition
7. Conjunction
8. Interjection

1. Noun– Noun is the name of anything, person, place, idea or thought.
e.g.- Mohan, Delhi, Pen, Chair, City, river, honesty, army etc.
(1) Mount Everest is the highest peak of the Himalayas.
(2) Her sister is a beautiful actress.
(3) All the students are intelligent.

2. Pronoun– A pronoun is a word that we use instead of a noun.
e.g.- He, She, It, You, We, They, This etc.
(1) Sarla is dancing on the stage.
He is dancing on the stage.
(2) Boys are playing cricket.
They are playing cricket.
(3) Lion is the king of the forest.
It is the king of the forest.

3. Adjective– The word that is used to add something about or to qualify a noun or pronoun is an Adjective.
e.g.- Cold, Famous, Sharp, big, green, good etc.
(1) It is a new building.
(2) Sachin is a handsome person.
(3) Grapes are sour in taste.

4. Verb– A verb is a word used for the action done by some person or thing.
e.g.- go, be, play, win, do, come etc.
(1) I love my country.
(2) Sanjay wrote a letter to her cousin.
(3) India won the match.

5. Adverb– A word used to modify a verb, an adverb or an adjective is an Adverb.
e.g.- fast, quite, very, slow, nicely etc.
(1) The boy works fast.
(2) sohan runs fast.
(3) I really don’t care.

6. Preposition– The preposition is a word which is placed before a Noun or Pronoun to show its relation to some other word in the sentence.
e.g.- on, in, from, upon, between, among etc.
(1) Anita is in the room.
(2) A cat jumped upon a rat.
(3) He will complete his work by evening.

7. Conjunction:- The Conjunction is a word which joins words, phrases or clauses.
e.g.- and, but, until, while, if, because etc.
(1) Sanjay and Rajeev are good friends.
(2) Pizza and burgers are my favorite snacks.
(3) I try very hard in school yet I am not receiving good grades.

8. Interjection:- The Interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feeling or emotion.
e.g.- Alas!, bravo!, well done!, hurrah!, oh! etc.
(1) Bravo! You have done well.
(2) Hurrah! I have won the match.

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